17 tips for selling your home quickly and easily

17 tips for selling your home quickly and easily

Many friends ask about the best ways to sell their homes quickly and easily, and some say how do I sell my house quickly?, Others ask about tips that must be followed or mistakes that must be avoided to sell homes quickly and easily.

1. Improve the appearance of the house

It is well known that the first impression lasts and that is why the front of your house is very important. The front garden must be maintained and the doors and window frames freshly painted if required. And if you live in an apartment, the door of the apartment must be newly painted, and if you can put an ornamental plant, either your apartment will be better.

2. House cleanliness

The house needs to be 100% clean – some might say “buyers are curious” – after all buyers have a right to be – because they are about to part with their hard-earned money and take out a long-term mortgage to buy your home. The last thing they want to face is that the kitchen cabinets are dirty and the carpets have a lot of dirt and dust on them.

3. Don’t impose your personality

Do not put your touch and do not impose your personality when offering your house for sale. For example, all personal photos, university and appreciation certificates, or anything indicating the owner of the house must be removed. The potential buyer wants to make sure that he will buy the house of his dreams, so do not remind him of your personal belongings that it is your house.

4. Show off the features of your home

You must show hospitality to the potential buyer when he comes to see your house by offering some cake, and the smell of the rooms must be pleasant and beautiful, and therefore some people resort to perfume or musk and incense, and always remember that you pay special attention to the smell and cleanliness of the bathroom and the kitchen.

After following these steps and tips, you can tell the buyer the added value of your home, and the added value means that you tell him what distinguishes your house from other homes. The added value has a great impact on the price that any seller wants the buyer to pay as a price for his house.

5. Do not exaggerate the price of your home.

Everyone seems to value their properties above the real market value. If you want a quick sale, you have to be realistic. You should look at other properties in the area and get the opinion of reputable real estate experts. Be prepared to lower your expectations if you really want a quick sale.

6. Compare your home

You should compare your home with other homes, for example your house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living room. Compare it with other homes with the same specifications in the same area in order to get the expected sale price for your home.

7. Pricing your home

When determining the expected price for selling the house, some experts tend, if, for example, if the value of the house is 405,000 dollars, they offer the house for sale at 399,000 dollars, because in this way it has a psychological effect on the buyer because No. 3 is cheaper than No. 4.

And if the value of your house is $395,000, it would be better to offer the house for sale at $387,000, and so on…

8. The best time to sell real estate

The best time to sell real estate in the Arab world is in the summer, and we have covered in a separate article the best time in general to sell real estate and the best time of the year to sell real estate in an important separate article titled The best time to sell real estate

9. Give yourself a timeline to lower the price.

Too often, homeowners cling stubbornly to a price that is too high and refuse to budge on it. Then it takes many months, sometimes years, to make a sale. Set a date at which you will reduce the price of the house in the event that your sale of the house is delayed. Set this date before you start pricing your house and the sale process. This way you will eliminate the emotion that makes you cling to your home pricing and help you sell your home faster.

Some people prefer a price reduction schedule of 5-6 weeks and others prefer 6-8 weeks.

10. Do a self-inspection of your home

You must inspect your home to make sure that there are no hidden defects in it, such as plumbing, electricity, defects in the roof of the house, or any other defect. Do not wait for the buyer not to discover the defects of your house. The buyer is often able to resort to an expert to examine your house to determine the defects that need to be fixed. Determine its cost, or the buyer himself can discover the defects of your home if he has the experience.

Any defect in your home that needs to be repaired will reduce the market value of your home by more than the value of its repair, and therefore you must fix any apparent or not apparent defect in your home before offering it for sale.

11. I use the Internet

I use internet sites that offer the service of buying and selling homes online, these sites have become many of their users in the Arab world, and therefore the house must be photographed with beautiful modern photos that show its advantages and do not skimp on the number of photos. The photos must show your house from the outside and the inside, and show every corner and every room in the house. It is preferable that the photography be done during the day and not in the evening.

12. I use motivators

Motivate the buyer to buy your house, for example, whoever will buy your house and give up the money he worked hard to obtain will want to live in his dream house quickly, it is possible to offer him that if he buys your house he will be able to live in it within a week instead of waiting 45 days as It is known in most countries.

It is possible to offer the buyer, who will buy your home and the electrical appliances in it, that you will pass the guarantee of those devices to him, and if it has any defect, the guarantee will take care of it.

13. Don’t overdo it

Do not make repairs, decorations, or additions to the house that are exaggerated compared to other houses in the same area and in the same price category. When you do repairs or improvements in the house, do the normal and customary work because these exaggerated repairs and additions will be borne by you as losses when selling your house at its market value.

14. Don’t get attached to the house

Never get emotional with walls. Yes, memories may link you to the house, but real estate is a tangible, inanimate asset that does not move. Try to overcome your emotion because it will not make you deal with the house impartially and will make you give it a value when pricing it greater than its real market value

15. The power of words

Ask your friends and acquaintances to spread the word, “You want to sell your house.” Perhaps one of them or one of their acquaintances is interested in buying a property, and thus it will save you a lot of time to search for a serious buyer.

16. Spread the light inside your home

When the buyer comes to inspect your house, turn on all the lights, especially the curtain lights and ceiling lights, make the house illuminated, because if the house is dark, the buyer will feel gloomy and constricted.

17. Choose the right real estate agent

Don’t hire a real estate agent just because he’s a big fan of your football team or because he’s from your city. Choose the agent who, when entering your home, can tell you its advantages and disadvantages and compare it to other homes in the area. Choose the agent with a good reputation. And ask your friends or acquaintances, or search on the Internet for a good agent, this is an important step, so make the right choice.

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