What are the types of real estate investments?

Types of real estate according to their nature and the most important advantages

Types of real estate according to their nature and the most important advantages:

What are the types of real estate investments?

There are many types of real estate investment depending on the type of property, the purpose of investment, or relying on the expected return. Some people invest in real estate as a way to reap the benefits of investment and earn profits, while others do it for security and stability. Each investment requires specific components for success, so whether you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio or invest to achieve long-term success, real estate investment is a great option, and the diverse elements of the country make it an ideal location for a variety of investments in many areas, with the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

First, the types of real estate investment depend on the type of property :

1. Investing in residential property

It is known that the prices of residential real estate are increasing significantly in all types, whether they are apartments, villas, or residential land. Therefore, real estate has become an important investment tool.
As for apartments Q, the real estate market is always witnessing a significant increase in the prices of apartments, especially during 2021, which recorded a high demand for apartments by investors.

Real estate reports have detected significant changes in apartment prices of almost 100%.
As for investing in villas with their beauty, they offer distinctive options through high-end, modern villas with excellent specifications ، as for investing in residential land, many investors prefer investing in residential land to investing in buildings because of their desire to build their own buildings on empty areas of land according to their own designs.

2. Purchasing commercial real estate

When investors search for the best types of real estate investment, they will find the opportunity to invest in commercial buildings, which can be used for various investment purposes, as the diversity of commercial real estate is one of the most prominent characteristics of real estate, especially commercial real estate intended for tourist purposes that suits the nature of the country and its strategic location.

The high demand for commercial buildings for multiple purposes has made the demand high for various commercial real estate. Real estate prices in Turkey have increased in recent years, and buying commercial real estate for investment has become one of the most profitable options.

Commercial real estate is diverse, mainly commercial offices ، It also stands out among commercial real estate, with shops that offer various options for those wishing to conduct their business, or those wishing to invest in shops by renting them to other businessmen, or even through resale operations, which return investors with lucrative financial returns ، buildings and buildings for commercial purposes are characterized as fruitful commercial real estate, especially in countries that attract real estate investment for various purposes such as tourism, residences, and commercial investment.

We should not forget to mention investing in hotels, which is one of the most famous commercial properties with great returns on investment, as some countries are characterized by a distinctive geographical location, in addition to the picturesque nature that they possess, and the moderation of their climate in summer and winter, which makes investing in tourist real estate a profitable option.

There are countries that are classified as tourist destinations par excellence, which increases the importance of investing in this country ، also investing in health facilities and buildings—including hospitals—is profitable, and it is one of the promising investments whose investment returns can be high and safe, given the permanent and ongoing health needs.

3. Investing in agricultural land

Many of them take the initiative to invest in houses, offices, shops, and land, while others choose among various types of real estate investment, such as agricultural investment.

Agricultural investment is one of the successful investments, as the countries that support agricultural investment and its development are those that provide various facilities and agriculture is one of the economic resources that the country is characterized by, whether agricultural investment is through local or foreign investors

Some countries have the factors and ingredients for the success of agricultural investment in them, from the presence of large, arable areas, the diversity of their crops, their abundance, and their location in a strategic area that facilitates export operations; in general, agricultural investment and investment in agricultural real estate are among the investment options offered and strongly .

In order for investment in agricultural land to be feasible and achieve profitable financial returns, the project should be thoroughly studied, and feasibility studies should be based on realistic foundations.

In general, buying agricultural land, or investing in various farms, is one of the most promising investments, especially if it is a leading country in agriculture, and there are countries that are the first in the world in the production of many agricultural products, such as figs, hazelnuts, raisins, dried apricots, cherries, and turkey, which produces more than 70% of the world’s production of pistachios.

Second, there are types of real estate investment depending on the purpose of the investment :

1. Investing in real estate for the purpose of obtaining residency

One of the types of investment related to the hoped-for goal of real estate investment is investment with the aim of obtaining residency, which is called “residence,” which is a short-term renewable residence granted to foreigners who have purchased a property, usually for a period of one year, and the wife and children under the age of 18 are entitled to obtain residency as well, as companions of the owner.

The real estate residence has many aspects in common with the tourist residence, but the real estate residence is considered stronger in terms of viability and the duration of renewal granted.

The ownership residence permit enables the owner of the property to reside on the territory of the state through the purchase of an apartment, but in some countries he is not entitled to apply for citizenship through this residence permit. Unless the property is of a certain value and stipulated in the law, then the owner has the right to apply for citizenship in exchange for buying a property according to specific conditions.

2. Investing in real estate in order to obtain citizenship

One of the types of real estate investment related to the desired goal of investment is to invest with the aim of obtaining citizenship.

There are some countries where there is a decision to grant the right to apply for citizenship to a foreign investor who owns a property.

More than one-fifth of all transactions involving foreigners purchasing real estate were for the purpose of obtaining citizenship, and approximately 40% of their real estate investments were for the purpose of obtaining citizenship.

The best types of real estate investments

Third, the types of real estate investment depend on the expected return ، there is a clear difference in the rates of returns achieved through real estate investment, given the city in which the investment is made, the type of property ، the percentage of returns from real estate investment is described as one of the highest profit rates in the real estate trade for several reasons .

A lower percentage of taxes is applied to profits from real estate trading ، considering the above factors, the profit of the property varies in relation to the region, the quality of the property, and the area of investment.

1. Low-yielding real estate investment

Examples of low-return real estate investments are: buying and renting an apartment, or buying and renting a commercial store.

2. Average returns on real estate investment

Examples of real estate investments with average returns include: buying an apartment or villa in a tourist area and renting it out for tourist rent; or buying a large commercial store in a vital area; or a large commercial mall; or buying a restaurant or cafe is considered an investment with average returns.

3. High-yielding real estate investment

Examples of real estate investments with high returns include: the purchase of large facilities, such as a hotel, a hospital, a factory, or the purchase of part of a huge commercial complex; as well as large real estate investments: the purchase of land and the construction of a large residential or commercial project on it.

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