smart homes | Services, technologies and wide spread

smart homes | Services, technologies and wide spread

Definition of smart homes:

The concept of a smart home revolves around preparing and designing an appropriate technical home, through which home appliances can be controlled remotely. By using the Internet via a mobile device or any device connected to the Internet.

Smart home devices are connected to each other via the Internet, allowing the user to remotely control multiple functions in the home such as temperature and lighting.

In addition, the smart home system and technology provides comfort and security to its owners.

Smart home system:

Smart home devices are connected to each other, and can be accessed through a single central point either by a mobile phone, computer, tablet or game console, where home doors, televisions, home screens, thermostats, lights, cameras, refrigerator, etc. can be controlled. and others; With a single home automation system. This system is installed on a mobile device or any device connected to the Internet.

In addition, the smart home system detects any movement approaching the house and alerts its owners. leaving them room to contact the emergency services or the police; If it was suspicious or there was a fire or anything that would force them to call the authorities.

In addition to the above, smart homes operate with wireless or wired systems, and they can be combined into a unified system.

As for wireless systems, they are simpler and easier to install, and setting up a wireless home automation system with its specifications and components is somewhat less expensive compared to a wired system, as smart systems with hard wires are more reliable and expensive, but they contribute to raising the value of the house and increasing its price. When it is invested and resold.

Smart home features:

Remote control and locking of doors.
The doors can be opened with a fingerprint or a card.
There are speakers in all rooms.
Control surveillance cameras at home.
The lighting is characterized by sensors that automatically illuminate the place when entering it.
Ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems are available.
Energy saving.

Providing comfort and security.

Windows open and close automatically at night and day.

Call the emergency services and the police when a fire occurs in the house.

Alert the homeowner remotely, in the event of an emergency or breach.

Outdoor surveillance cameras can distinguish between normal movement and suspicious movement, and identify the nature of people coming into the house.

It is characterized by turning on the air conditioners automatically in the event of low or high temperatures.
The windows are also closed automatically if the temperature rises or the air conditioners operate.
Monitoring the garden and knowing whether or not it needs watering.

Technologies provided by smart homes:

General protection
The house has many sensitive surveillance cameras inside and outside, and it can distinguish the intruders from the sellers, and it can directly contact the police in the event of suspicious movement appearing in front of the house, as well as it can provide round-the-clock monitoring of the children’s rooms, and it immediately contacts the civil protection and ambulance in the event of any presence Fire or gas leaks in the apartment, and the owner of the house can close it automatically using his phone, and it is not possible to access it without it.

Public Health

The smart refrigerator has an interesting feature, as it alerts the owner of all items that are about to spoil or spoiled, and it can also provide recipes based on the ingredients in it, and it even tracks the owner’s diet and informs him of developments.

Air purification

In the rooms automatically helps to get rid of all viruses that can harm family members.

The report on the person’s body, which summarizes the weight, the amount of calories that must be lost, and the appropriate exercises for that. It is also a distinctive addition in most smart homes.

the plants

Smart homes can alert the owner of the need to irrigate plants if they are neglected, by monitoring their humidity.

HVAC system

The air conditioning system is automatically activated according to the changes in the house temperature in order to maintain a mild atmosphere inside the house at all times.

Lights and windows

It can be controlled remotely even outside the house because the smart home system is connected to the Internet, but it can also be modified so that it opens and closes automatically according to the sun’s rays. For example, at sunset, the system automatically closes the windows, closes the curtains and turns on the lights. It works as soon as you pass in front of it and turns off as soon as the movement disappears.

Smart home specifications

It is known that the complexes that contain smart homes are of the highest value. It is true that you will pay a larger amount for their acquisition, but you will not regret that, because you are in fact paying for your daily luxury and comfort, as well as the permanent protection of the home and its members from all kinds of risks.

But despite this, you can always buy a house according to your purchasing power, by giving up some smart features and maintaining the basic ones only, such as heating systems, alarms and locks, and it is also possible to choose the least valuable areas as well, because large areas that are located in strategic places close to the facilities are the value of the houses Its very expensive.

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