How to compete in ads using seo

Companies around the world spend more than $600 billion annually on advertisin

Companies around the world spend more than $600 billion annually on advertising and promotions

We are expected to reach $876 billion by 2024

But is there another way you can promote your site away from paid ads?

The answer is yes, there are many ways, and here are the most prominent ones:

(Search Engine Optimization SEO)

Also known as SEO

– Helps achieve higher rankings in search engine organic results

It makes the content of the site high-quality and clearer, and this means more visitor traffic and opportunities to convert potential customers into actual customers.

Content sharing

Every day, millions of people interact with all kinds of content on all platforms.

Therefore, sharing the content of the website or blog is essential to increase your presence on the Internet, and it is what drives users to visit the site.

When you share content, you increase the likelihood that people will see and interact with it, which means gaining customer trust and increasing traffic to the site.

Email campaigns

If you want to arouse customer interest and enhance their loyalty, you must conduct email campaigns.

Because he:

Helps reach and communicate with the target audience in a customized, easy and affordable way.

Email marketing gives customers a feeling that they are special and that you are thinking of them, which means enhancing interaction with your customers.

Social media

Being on social media and creating creative and engaging content connects you with your audience in a few seconds and helps you interact and communicate with them.

It helps you project a specific personality and tone to your site that your customers know and trust.

Live webinars

A new way to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Live webinars help you improve the quality of your content and reach a much wider audience.

And it makes customers feel closer to you and that you benefit them.


Podcasts have grown in popularity in recent years and have become one of target audiences’ favorite ways to consume content.

It’s a great opportunity to reach the right audience, demonstrate expertise, and boost your SEO efforts.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have a large number of loyal social media followers and their recommendations are often highly valued by the followers because they are trusted.

Everyone wants what influencers get and live for.

word of mouth marketing

A marketing method that relies on informal social interactions to promote, and to encourage people to share recommendations and news about the site and the services it provides.

One of the most cost-effective ways to spread the word about your site among the in-person and online communities and reveals new ways you can reach out to potential customers.

Reallocate content

Reuse content elements in a new format in order to expand its reach.

Make content easy to measure, draw attention to new content, and reach a new audience.

How do you target keywords and use them on your site?

There are many strategies for using keywords on the site

Here are the most important ones

1 Fat Head Strategy:

This strategy is characterized by:

Short words

High visitor traffic

Low return

The keywords in this strategy do not exceed one or two words, so that the focus is on the words with high search rates.

And these words get a large number of visits, but they focus on the general search, and often the general search does not lead to any purchase, but is just for browsing.

2- Long-tail strategy:

This strategy is characterized by:

Long phrases

Less visitor traffic

High yield

From 3 words to longer phrases are used.

They are the most popular type of search on the Internet because they focus on the details and terms that people are searching for.

Detailed searches are associated with high quality traffic and targeted traffic which means consumers are more likely to make a purchase.

3- Chunky middle keyword strategy:

This strategy is characterized by:

Medium phrases

Average visitor traffic

Variable return

Also called Medium tail keyword or Broad Match

These are competitive search terms that fall in the middle when it comes to privacy, traffic, and risk.

They are 3 to 4 keywords long and offer good value.

Enables you to replace traffic high in the Fat Head strategy and low in the Long-tail strategy with moderate traffic and a moderate amount of competitors.

But what is the best strategy to use?

The use of the strategy varies depending on the company’s goal

Keyword research is the primary key to the success of your site and thus the success of your business.

Therefore, it is important that you define your goal in order to be able to determine the strategy that will help you.

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