What are the most common marketing scams that the average person falls for?

What are the most common marketing scams that the average person falls for?

Several years ago, during my university studies, I worked as a sales employee in a store that sold drones (at the time it was the beginning of its spread and it was not widely known).

My job, in short, was based on explaining the advantages of the offered aircraft and trying to sell as much as possible because the work environment was very competitive and there was an incentive commission for each person who exceeded the target assigned to him. Everything was running smoothly and routinely until the festive season came at the end of November and the Black Friday, or Black Friday, approached.

For those who do not have a background on Black Friday, it is a day at the end of November when most stores offer offers and discounts on all or most of their products in order to attract consumers, and Black Friday is considered the beginning of the shopping season for year-end holidays in the United States.

A few days before this day, the store manager came to us and told us about the prices that would be displayed for Black Friday. Interestingly, the prices the manager set are more expensive than what we would sell on normal days but we were asked to provide them and offer them as “special discounts” for Black Friday.

for example:

Airplane worth on any normal day is $120, its black friday special price changed as $140 and write as $200 on normal days but $140 is the special price for that day.

Of course, the result is that our sales were very high on that day, because the average person, when he sees the discount price and thinks that he will save 60 dollars, he buys immediately without knowing that the price is actually more expensive than the price on normal days, but he will not enter the store on normal days, because he will not know . This was not limited to us of course, many stores that day do the same thing and do it also throughout the year.

Is it ethical or not? This is another topic and a complex one, but if you want to know more, there are many articles and researches related to this matter and are involved in what is called “consumer behavior” or “consumer psychology”.

How can the e-marketing campaign be improved in the future?

You can improve your marketing campaigns in the future via the Internet and profit from the Internet. Quite simply, it is the concept of business marketing,

For both customers and businesses using


However, getting into the concept and looking at how it works is very exciting

It is very simple. The main reason for this is the Internet and its marketing

It still makes a lot of money because it has many methods, is constantly evolving, and has a lot of means and strategies. This is an opportunity for all the lovers of online marketing and earning.

There are many methods that can be used to improve your email marketing campaign in the future. Some steps to consider:

Define the campaign objective: The campaign objective must be defined in order to set the objectives that need to be verified.
Define the target audience: The target audience must be defined in order to check whether the campaign is suitable for the target audience.
Choose the right channels: You must choose the right channels for the campaign, such as email, blogs, and social media.
Design perfect content: You must design perfect content for the campaign such as texts, images and videos.
Follow-up and analysis of the results: The results must be followed-up and analyzed to verify the success rate of the campaign and to determine the necessary steps

Twitter can be used in marketing for many reasons, including: Providing an integrated communication system: Twitter can provide an integrated and easy-to-use communication system to communicate with customers and followers. Companies operating in any field can apply this system to communicate with the audience they want to communicate with. Fast and effective promotion: Twitter can provide fast and effective promotion of your products and services. You can find many tools available for effective Twitter promotion, such as paid ads and popular tweets.

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