The seo at the service of the content writer

The seo at the service of the content writer

This article talks about the concept of seo, its importance to content writers, and the seo techniques that the writer must take into account in his blog.

When we search for a cat’s favorite food, or a diet, on Google; A question may come to our mind: What made some sites come first for readers? First, let us agree that this was not a coincidence. Second, we will discuss in this article about this idea, its name, and how the writer benefits from it to serve his content.

Blogs or websites use what is known as (seo), which is an abbreviation for the phrase: Search engine optimization, and this means: that search engines have certain algorithms, the more the writer understands and takes into account them in his blog, the more likely it will appear first in the search engines.

How does a content writer benefit from SEO?

We now come to the point where learning this skill is important for content writers. Because it contributes to exporting your blog and reaching it to the largest number of interested people, if you take into account some techniques, such as:

– Choosing an appropriate title: Whenever the title is specific and contains keywords, the search algorithms help export it to the forefront of websites.

– Choose the description carefully: lower your eyes a little under the title, and you will find a small paragraph explaining the content of the post. This explanation gives a second impression of your blog, which prompts the reader to complete the post, or go to another.

Content: The more the written topic is centered mainly on keywords, the more it will appear on the search engines, and the writer should not only care about the number of his appearance numbers, but also make his post rich and interesting.

– Repetition of keywords: which the writer targeted in his title and description, and it is useless to intensify the keywords in the post, rather it may harm the writer

This post included general references, aimed at motivating content writers to delve more into the topic, and noting them to invest their time and effort in learning SEO in order to make Arabic content richer and more inspiring.

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