How good is Mark Zuckerberg at programming

How good is Mark Zuckerberg at programming, and does he still write code on Facebook sometimes?
Mark Zuckerberg gave up writing code in 2006 to focus on running Facebook. On a visit to Nigeria in 2016, he admitted that giving up writing code in order to devote himself to running his company was “a bit sad.” “There’s a kind of elegance to writing code that I crave,” he said.

As he stated during a Q&A session with technology and web development leaders in Lagos, Nigeria: “Unlike people, code does what you ask.”

Although he expressed his love for programming, Zuckerberg’s undergraduate major was in psychology, not computer science.

He cannot be considered one of the elite programmers in the world. On TopCoder, a site where programmers develop and rank their skills, we find Mark Zuckerberg at the third level. While we find Adam D’Angelo – the former chief technology officer of Facebook and the founder of Quora – at the first level, meaning “red”. (The classification ranges from gray to green, then blue, through yellow, and finally red).

It is therefore more likely that Mark’s success is due to a combination of his personal perseverance, diligence and creativity, rather than his excellence in programming.

Who is the most famous and powerful programmer?

Robert Cecil Martin, known as “Uncle Bob” Uncle Bob, who began working in the field of programming since the 1970’s and contributed to the development of a set of principles and practices that all software engineers use today in designing their programs. And not only programmers, but big companies like Google build their systems based on many of the principles he developed.

Martin wrote a number of books, the most famous of which is The Clean Coder, which is considered a book for software engineers. If you are interested in the field of software development, in addition to reading his books, you can search for his name on YouTube and you will find many lectures by him explaining the best practices in building software. He is not only a famous programmer, but also an accomplished lecturer whose lectures you will enjoy.

“Uncle Bob” stopped writing the code a long time ago, I think, because he no longer needs programming by hand, but works as a consultant through his own company that provides software consulting to other companies.

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