What is Ecommerce Quick Score?

According to the leading company in the field of e-commerce and electronic distribution to consumers

According to the leading company in the field of e-commerce and electronic distribution to consumers, CNNB Solutions issued a report on e-commerce in the Middle East and Africa for the year 2022, and we will present some of these numbers as follows:

91% of customers have switched to remote purchases and entered the world of e-commerce only in the Middle East and North Africa region, which means increased cash flow and quick profits in the e-commerce market.

Types of e-commerce

1- B2C merchant to consumer

2- B2B Merchant to Merchant (Business to Business)

3- C2C consumer to consumer

4- C2B from consumer to merchant

The first type: Business to consumer:
It is the simplest and most widespread type of e-commerce in the world from before the electronic trend until, and it is a sale process between the brand or store and the buyer, and it now takes a large and widespread picture on the Internet where the service or product is provided to the customer and the customer can only click on it and add Payment data and waiting for receipt only.

There are many sites that are considered examples of this simple type of electronic commerce, such as Amazon or and many other sites, which started with a small trade, but are now among the most famous sites in the world of commerce.

The second type: Business to businesses
It is a type of e-commerce

Here, a transaction takes place between two parties, who basically have businesses that may be similar to each other or not, but they are not consumers. It is the process of selling products or services from one company to another company that wants these products or services, whether to use them in the company or to resell them to consumers again, It is one of the most popular types on the Internet in the recent period, and it can be easily invested in it.

We can cite examples of this type, such as a company that sells electrical appliances to another company, or a company that provides software services to another company, and so on.

The third type: Customer to business
It is a type of e-commerce

The concept of this type is the opposite of the B2C trade type, so here the consumer or user sells a service or product to a company operating in a commercial market, and this type is the least widespread in the field of e-commerce, because it is not widely known like other types of e-commerce, but it has begun to spread recently.

An example of this: a person who provides product photography services to companies that want to publish images of their products to their clients, here the photographer provides this service to the company, and the agreement is done via the Internet, and also like people who work in the field of digital marketing, and provide marketing services to other companies.

The fourth type: consumer to consumer
It is a type of e-commerce

In this type, the sale process simply takes place between one consumer and another consumer, without any interference from companies, this type is considered one of the newest types that have spread recently in the field of e-commerce, due to the increased demand for buying used products, for example, between people and some and exchange operations ….

Benefits of e-commerce

1- An online store to display products or services

2- Unlimited sales

3- Benefit from customer reviews

4- Using data for re-targeting

5- Unlimited sales

e-commerce requirements
1- An uncomplicated shopping experience

2- Solutions to the empty basket

3- Return policy

4- A mobile-friendly store

5- Customer support service

6- Shipping

7- Marketing content

8- Email

9- Proof of quality

1- What are the best products for e-commerce?

Smartphone related products (phone accessories)
Sportswear (for different sports)
Wrist and wall clocks (especially smart watches)
Backpacks (including laptop bags)
Personal care products (especially for newborns)
Home sports equipment ( Fitness )
Cosmetics for women
Pet food products
Clothing and accessories
Home furnishing products
Underwear (men – women)
Shaving tools (machines and derivatives)
Sports shoes
home electronic devices
Educational courses (online science)
2- What are the advantages and disadvantages of electronic commerce?

Advantages of e-commerce:

Lower costs, favorable price, more sales
The ability to analyze customer data to re-target them and thus increase sales
Your store is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Different and secure payment methods, and thus more purchases
Ease of creating an online store and starting work in a few days
Non-commitment to a specific place for sale, customer service from everywhere
Expanding the project, adding products or services easily
Facilitate the buying process for introverted customers
Ease of spreading and reaching the largest number of potential customers easily
Disadvantages of e-commerce:

The customer’s internet is interrupted sometimes during the purchase process
Difficulty trying the product or seeing it in person, which causes fear among some customers
No access to customers who do not use the Internet
Security and privacy issues, which increases the fear of some customers before completing the purchase process
The large number of electronic stores, the increase in competition
Some customers do not have bank cards during payment
Difficulty reaching the customer when the shipping representative arrives

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