Can YouTube just make content viral?

Can YouTube just make content viral?

Attracting an audience in a short time

At first, she experimented with several types of content, such as cooking, then teaching the Turkish language, but the videos of tourist places in Turkey were the winners and received the highest interest among viewers. The channel (SHZ) (at the time of writing this article) on YouTube has about 15 million views and nearly 130,000 subscribers, and it was able to create its audience within a year. YouTube is the main channel for presenting her content in addition to her Instagram page, but her YouTube channel has the largest share of the audience.

What can we learn from this channel

– Experimenting with several types of content until reaching the best that attracts the interest of viewers may be a good equation, but it takes more than that, the content must be in line with the personality of the channel owner, as it seems clear that the channel owner has a media personality and that she is able to speak in front of the camera in a manner Sights tighten.

Mixing entertaining and useful content so that it gives value to the viewer. The videos take the viewer to different places in Turkey and often give maps of the route that you followed to get to the place. They also provide detailed explanations of the names of the places that were filmed or even the shops of the people who appear in the video.

Sharing content continuously may be a challenge, but it makes a big difference in reaching the audience, especially if the content is entertaining. The challenge is also with the huge amount of content on YouTube today, as the competition is intense and the content creator must work hard to build his own audience.

YouTube is a platform for publishing content for free, and it makes money and also makes the content creator earn money when publishing videos in which ads appear, so it is natural for its algorithm to increase the reference to a channel as the number of its videos increases, because an increase in the number of videos means an increase in the appearance of ads.

– Working alongside someone who handles the creative aspects such as photography, or for the content maker to develop his skills is important, although many content makers do everything at the beginning, but the presence of at least a professional person by your side at the beginning of the YouTube career may make a difference in quick access to the public. At the present time, YouTube is full of videos with a high level of editing, so the content creator must raise the level of his videos in order to be noticed among this huge momentum. In this regard, the husband of the owner of the channel is the anonymous professional who edits and produces videos and does the necessary photoshop work.

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