How to reap a content creator in fashion, a financial return

How to reap a content creator in fashion, a financial return

Affiliate Marketing and Influencers

Affiliate marketing and influencers continue to attract companies to market their products, according to Hotsuit. It is expected that US companies will spend nearly $4 billion on influencer marketing in 2022. Most influencers rely on Instagram as a main channel to publish their content. If the content creator has more than a million followers, he can be considered as a huge (mega) influencer. Macro influencers have from 100,000 to 1 million followers, while (micro) influencers have ten to 100,000 followers. or less followers, while (nano) influencers usually have ten thousand followers or less.

Another means of marketing products is commission marketing. This method relies on placing links that allow viewers to click on them to take them to the website of the company that manufactures the product or to electronic markets such as Amazon. At each click, the owner of the channel gets a material return, and this return may vary depending on whether the viewer completed the purchase process or not, so the return is greater if he completes the purchase process.

Channel (M.L) created by a fashion blog. She started blogging by sharing her clothes, and after a short period of time, her two sisters joined the blogosphere as well. Currently, the three sisters have a joint channel on YouTube in which they present content together, in addition to each of them having her own channel.

The three bloggers are from the United States of America. As for (M.L), her posts on Instagram date back to 2012, her YouTube channel dates back to 2014, so it can be assumed that her career on social media platforms started from Instagram, as the platform was Home to publish its content.

The channel revolves around clothes and the quality of life. The topics that she displays on her channel are interior design, cooking, make-up, and clothes. She often displays the clothes she has purchased. In addition to all this, she sometimes publishes videos about her young daughter. The owner of the channel describes her channel as a “place to spread positivity,” and we find this reflected in the content that does not delve into public issues or global events.

Apart from describing her as a fashion blogger, she is an example of an influential personality as well as a professional marketer. She shares videos of her quality of life marketing products through video. An example of her product marketing activity as an influencer is when she displays the latest clothes she has purchased. And because of the laws that stipulate the necessity of disclosing any sponsorship provided by companies whose products are mentioned in the video, this must be shown in the description box, and this is what we actually see in (ML) videos, so the brand name is clear as sponsoring a specific video. An example of this is a video titled “New and Important Events in My Life: End of Summer Fashion Show,” and we find the brand name Farfetch in its description box.

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