Why do content creators prefer Instagram?

Why do content creators prefer Instagram?

Why is Instagram suitable for influencer marketing?

Although there are other platforms with the same effectiveness for marketing influencer content, few have the same power as Instagram in terms of interaction, according to the influencer marketing website Hub article. In the same article, it highlights that the huge number of users, which reaches more than one billion users, makes it ideal for marketers to reach the audience. The target, but the main reason that makes this platform attractive are the highly engaged users. The other reason is the high response of users to sponsored posts that are paid by advertisers. And in the benchmark report on the state of influencer marketing for the year 2021, it was found that Instagram is at the top of the platforms used in influencer campaigns.

Instagram influencer marketing

Starting with setting goals and the most important key performance indicators is one of the things that must be paid attention to when working on Instagram. Expectations from the advertising campaign must be clearly defined. It may be to introduce the product or brand, launch a project, or increase interaction and sales. Having clear goals helps to know which performance criteria are important and must be taken into account and are relevant to the campaign. For example, if the goal is to introduce the product or brand, criteria such as the number of people the ad has reached, impressions, and interaction will be important indicators when launching a new product.

There is also a budget for marketing influencers on Instagram. According to Hopper’s list of the richest influencers on Instagram, Cappy is the highest-paid influencer on the platform in terms of pay per post, and in the same list, we find Moroccan Ihssane Benaloush, who gets $15,000 for each advertisement.

Recently, companies have begun to want to work with micro-influencers (I had talked about micro-influencers in a previous article), as these have a number of followers on social media platforms that can be taken into consideration, and micro-influencers have built their reputation by focusing on a specific passion and focus on a topic and area of competence. specific in their content.

Types of influencer campaigns on Instagram

1) Sponsored Posts: Collaboration with content creators in return for a financial return to create content on behalf of the company or brand and then share it with their followers on Instagram. It must be indicated and clarified when displaying the content that these publications are sponsored by a company for reasons of legal requirements.

2) Content related to the brand: For example, a manager or the person in charge of the campaign in a company shares content through the company’s Instagram page, but content creators and influencers are shown in this content.

3) Reviews: The content creator reviews the products of the sponsoring company. In this model, it is better for the content creator to present his frank opinion in order to maintain his credibility with his audience.

4) Contests: It is when the sponsoring company sends free products to the content creator, who then distributes them to their followers.

Content types:

– A normal post showing one picture and a description

– Rotating content that includes several pictures and descriptions

– A video that can be displayed as a post or rotating content

-Story on Instagram

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