The most important sites for marketing design work

The most important sites for marketing design work


This site is one of the most famous sites and the strongest networks that give you an opportunity to display all your work, which

It facilitates the process of spreading your work, and thus a greater opportunity for others to know your work in the field of design


It is similar to the Behance site, in addition to that it collects the best designers to exchange opinions


You can benefit from this site in two ways: the first is by advertising yourself as a designer through it, and also for free

You can advertise your page, blog, or even the website for your designs for free, and secondly, you can benefit from it by searching for a suitable job opportunity for you.

My design – Tasmeemme

This site is a specialized platform that displays the designs and skills of designers, as it is also similar to the Behance site, and you can also benefit from it by searching for a job opportunity for you as a graphic designer, according to your specialization.


This site is considered one of the most distinctive sites because through it you can separate your work as classified groups such as logos, designs, business cards, and you can also benefit from it through visual feedback, as it helps you with inspiration when you want to start with a specific design


It is a social networking site that is considered an application for displaying images, so you can use it to display your work and designs, in addition to using hashtags in order to support the opportunity for your publications to reach your target audience

Facebook – Facebook

You can also market yourself using Facebook by publishing your work on pages and groups, in addition to the possibility of creating your own page and making it an exhibition

For all your designs and creativity and learn the art of negotiation and persuasion

What is the marketing algorithm?

Let me tell you a small story first that will make it easier for you to understand. Come with me, designer, so let’s get back together

For the 19th century, in the 19th century, a major dispute occurred between two groups of scholars, a team called (the rationalists).

And another called (experimentalists), and their disagreement revolved around philosophical axes revolving around (priorities), so it was a team

Rationalists support giving (the hypothesis) priority in their approach because it stems from reason, which means that priority

For the mind, everything is perceived through it. As for the experimentalists, they gave priority (to the senses), so anything is perceived through it

Through the senses first, and then the mind analyzes it, so what is to be done here and who is right?? And now, dear designer, you see that both teams are right and feel lost

Who is the priority here?

The words I mentioned to you fully apply to the marketing algorithm. You, as a designer, when you want to market yourself, are between you

Two options: do you market for yourself first, by persuasion first, or by offering business first?. But here you have to realize

That the relationship is complementary, but there must be priorities! The priority here is to show the client a few of your designs and works so that they can realize it

That you are an accomplished designer and then talk about yourself and start persuading and negotiating, because if the customer does not like it later

With the work that you did, he initially realized that you are a skilled designer, so the idea of ​​modification occurred to him because he prefers something or a design of another kind, not just because you are not a professional.

So what is the order?

Many designers neglect the factor of negotiation and persuasion, and are content with displaying only, especially in freelancing sites

This is wrong. For example, when a customer writes on these sites about his need for a design or a logo … hundreds of

Comments on his post you want to meet his request and that’s why you have to learn the art of negotiation because you have competitors in this

Presenting your business alone is not enough, but you have to negotiate as well. Negotiation includes several things, such as negotiation

For the sake of money, then time, and then convince the customer that you are different from others, using the appropriate language of dialogue, even

If you are not a professional designer, these skills can create good and distinguished job opportunities for you

Fourth: How do I deal with the client in the field of design?

We talked previously that you must learn the art of negotiation and creativity, but first you must attract the customer, so you must realize how to deal with the customer for the first time

The first advice is to try to make the conversation deep between you and the client. Do not be dry and rude at the beginning, but do not be too friendly, trying to entice the client with your kindness, as he will feel that you are trying to court him in order to gain the desired interest in the end. Be natural, listen to him well and understand what he wants. His inquiries, especially if there is a problem, you must reassure the customer

How do I reassure the customer?

Use terms that inspire reassurance and confidence about how you will solve the problem. Do not be reckless and tell him that the problem is absurd

And you will solve it as soon as possible, thinking that this is the appropriate way to create comfort in the same customer, even if the problem is easy

The solution. Show him that it needs effort and time, but he came to the right place. You will solve his problem as soon as possible.

All this gives you great value that your customers are looking for. In the business world, customers often do not find the appropriate style and words

Who they deal with, and for this reason, you will always be the first to remember if they want any service or design…

There is no doubt that a digital presence is very important, but you should not be content with it only, you should go out and communicate

With people face to face and the formation of acquaintances and friendships. Try to be as social as possible, there are other people who are not around

Digitally, of course, your publications will not reach the world easily. The first step is to create your own logo for yourself, which is considered a very special step. Not every designer has his own logo. Print for yourself (personal card) and choose distinctive words.

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