Seven lessons that can be learned from popular content creators?

7 lessons to be learned from content creators who have achieved massive fame?

First: The first to enter the field of social communication “Social Media” reap the highest results. The sooner you enter the world of content creation, you begin to understand how to create successful content, including making videos, marketing them, and making profitable business partnerships. However, do not feel discouraged if you want to start creating content on the Internet today. There are content makers who started only a year ago and now have an audience that appreciates In the millions.

Second: Relying often on quick and short videos. This type of video attracts viewers, especially not everyone wants to sit for an hour or even half an hour, for example, to watch. These videos attract you and are a marketing tool for the content in order to make the audience want to watch the long videos in which you talk in detail about a topic.

Third: Talking about things that are happening now and of interest to a segment of the audience, for example, a video about the latest scams using fake website links that steal money from your electronic wallet.

Fourth: The presence of a work team and even a marketing company that undertakes the production and design of the presence of the digital content maker. There are many electronic platforms that you can be on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Snapchat and podcasts, in addition to your website. Creating content and publishing it on all of these platforms requires effort and a team.

Fifth: Providing content of value to the public. If we think about the topics that are popular with content makers, such as the “Silicon Valley Girl” channel or the “Hassan Halabi” channel, it is how to succeed in working on the Internet, in addition to tips for personal development, determine your compass, and it is best to make your work of value for the benefit of others.

Sixth: Continuous renewal. You will find, for example, that some content creators in their old videos were talking about how to publish content on social media platforms, with the continuous digital development, we find that the same content creator started talking about NFT, for example.

Seventh: The content maker may develop his work from a content maker on YouTube to the owner of companies like Ali Abdel, who has a YouTube channel bearing his name. The content industry on the Internet is an opportunity to build relationships that you do not know where they can develop, so you find yourself starting to establish business relationships that take you to new places.

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