How do I make the Internet a great source of income?

How do I make the Internet a great source of income?

A healthy recipe that helps you start working from the Internet. The Internet is a great and rich source of many wonderful ideas and a great source of livelihood for many.

The Internet is a great and rich source of many wonderful ideas and a great source of livelihood for many. From my point of view, it is like a wonderful cake, from which you need a delicious piece.

But you will ask me how that is, so let me give you some valuable advice that I gained through my work on my own project (10minutes_ysf).

1- Take advantage of volunteering and free training opportunities that are available from influential trainers on the Internet. Example: Every month we hold a training workshop for our followers.

2- The number of Internet users has reached 5 billion, according to data issued by the International Telecommunication Union. This prompts us to invest in this global platform, even if it is a small investment.

3- Here comes the role of the cells of the gold mine that you have in your hands (your brain), which contains 100 billion neurons that can contain the information of 15,000 books, so your mind is the hidden treasure full of great ideas that have not yet seen the light, so let’s activate those cells, please.

4- Develop a skill: The closest way to go to work and start a private business is to learn a skill within 20 hours of training, making sure to constantly develop yourself in that skill. For example, if you are a beginner, move to the intermediate level, if you are intermediate, move to the advanced level, and so on, progress and continue learning until you become one of the few at the local and international levels, God willing (dream my friend / t).

5- Create a brand for yourself: This is the best time to present your skills or services to the world. Say, “I do not have a skill. I will tell you to learn and start a specific skill, and we talked about that in Step No. (4). Now, after you have learned the skill, start building an account, platform, or site in which you will display all Your business and services, and mention the opinion of those who follow you about your services, be careful, these platforms or accounts are a marketing tool for yourself, so take care of choosing the right platform for you that correctly expresses your services and addresses the target audience.

6- I mention some platforms for you: you can start from Fiverr, Freelance, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, see the appropriate means that express your services appropriately and address the target audience.

7- Now, after building the brand, start communicating with local or international companies that are available on different platforms and that you can work with, do not neglect this step. Example: I did a great job from that step, this is called “knocking on the door”.

8- Do not leave job advertisements or follow employment sites, which provide you with quality opportunities and offers that may change the course of your life.

9- Let me advise you a very valuable piece of advice that I only realized through experience. Always, when building your business exhibition or when corresponding with companies, mention wonderful and distinctive points about the “innovative value” that you will add to the company. Example: I will save time worth an hour per day by developing a program to measure performance, I will increase the company’s profits through relationships I have with local companies….etc, so start by offering specific and accurate incentives that deserve to be contacted and worked for.

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