Project ideas for young people, business and investment

Project ideas for young people, business and investment

Proven side business ideas (for new entrepreneurs) to make money outside of a full time job.

Let’s talk about small business ideas. No matter how rewarding your full-time job is, finding the best side business ideas and eventually becoming self-employed is more rewarding than a great salary and solid benefits.

In this guide, we break down over 135 of the best small business ideas for new entrepreneurs to get started today. Choosing an entrepreneurial path isn’t easy – and you need to pursue the right business idea if you hope to make your endeavor successful.

Once you reap the lifestyle benefits of being your own boss, it will be hard to get back to working a full-time job again. And one of the best ways to build momentum with your new business is to start it alongside your day job that keeps the bills paying.

With the number of business ideas already out there in the world, it can be difficult to come up with the right business idea to spend your time on.

With that in mind, I’ve put together this comprehensive list of more than 135 small business ideas you can start while working a full-time job, to help give you inspiration with proven ideas that can be implemented while still maintaining your primary source of income and health care coverage.

If I missed any good ideas, please share your picks for the best side business ideas in the comments below! And be sure to use this list of clickable content to jump straight to the business idea that interests you the most.

Small Business Ideas to Start in 2023 (and Make Money) for New Entrepreneurs

Start a blog
Graphic design work
Website development
website design
Teaching courses online
Writing and selling e-books
Instagram marketing
Online training business
Create a podcast
Local business consulting
Selling mobile phone accessories
Remote English teacher/teacher
Travel consultant/travel agency
Buy and run an existing website
Mobile laundry service
Business of organizing weddings / planning events and parties
To become a personal chef
Pet care business
Swimming pool cleaning
Start a dropshipping business
Design and sale of custom printed T-shirts
Create digital products or online courses
Selling custom printed posters, greeting cards and prints
Start a charity
Selling a service or product online
Create an online fashion boutique
Sale of handmade and homemade goods
Create an audience that you can monetize
Create a membership program
Join the affiliate program
Be a virtual event planner
Starting a landscaping business
Application development testing
Provide care for children
Start a mobile coffee shop
Start a mobile fast food food truck
Be skilled in a skill like learning digital marketing, one of the best skills needed at the moment
Become a social media management consultant
Starting a business in the field of cosmetics
Sitting at home and pets
Selling phone accessories
Invest in vending machines

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