How do I distinguish between a consultant and a real estate broker?

How do I distinguish between a consultant and a real estate broker?

— The consultant gives you a consulting service in return for an amount of money because of his experience in the region and the real estate market. He works on evaluating the property, the age of the building, vital places in the region, and several other factors, and compares several options and regions to guarantee you the best choice when buying the property, and he can give you analyzes of the real estate market demand.

It is large and the market is at high prices and advises you not to buy or at a lower level and a slight recession and a good option to buy and save money. The difference between the consultant and others is the advisor’s fee, whether you buy a property or not, he will get the money in exchange for this service.

The broker is an intermediary between the owner and the buyer. His service is marketing for the properties offered to him. Upon completion of the purchase process, he receives a commission in exchange for his service. Mostly he does not provide advice for buying in this area or any other.

While a realtor helps clients buy or sell real estate, a consultant advises clients on construction activities or investing in the local real estate market.

If you have purchased a home or commercial property, you have worked with a real estate agent.

Even if you haven’t, you likely have a solid understanding of what a real estate agent does;

They represent you during the process of buying or selling a property, from the early stages until the closing date.

A real estate advisor cannot replace an agent in the buying or selling process, but they can be a valuable asset to you during the buying process.

What is the importance of the real estate agent in buying a property?

Providing the property to be purchased.

Playing the role of mediator (to bring points of view closer) between the seller and the buyer to complete the process in a successful manner that satisfies both parties.

Edit contracts between the two parties.

Ensuring the validity of contracts, the validity of real estate papers, and the validity of his legal position.

He plays the role of the guarantor and the mediator in the proper implementation of the terms of the contract between the two parties until the final contract between the seller and the buyer is registered and the property is handed over to its new owner.

What are the basics on which the real estate discussion between the real estate consultant and the informed real estate buyer should be built? Are real estate offers a basis for the start of the purchase process?

Offers are considered the prelude to dealing with any commercial activity, whether real estate or otherwise. It is the basis for a large real estate dealer. As for an ordinary seller, the basis is to show his real estate that he is desirable and in high demand for it. As for the buyer, the basis is his need for private housing, investment, a commercial store etc,the area and location of the property and other services in the property itself

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