The best content marketing tools for 2023

The best content marketing tools for 2023

One of the most successful methods of digital marketing ever is content marketing, and even the most profitable. Content marketing profits in 2026 are expected to reach $137 billion. But really in the digital world his gadgets

Content marketing tools vary according to the purpose of use as follows:

Content marketing tools for writing and formatting.
Content marketing tools to get content ideas.
Content marketing tools for creating visual content.
Content marketing tools for content analysis and performance measurement.
Content Marketing Tools for Content Management.
Various other tools related to content marketing.
Now let’s start reviewing the best tools that we have carefully selected in each of these sections:

First of all, content writing and proofreading tools

Microsoft Word

The MS Word tool or the famous Word is the first tool in the field of content writing. The word “first” here is not only used for this tool because it is one of the first word processing or writing tools on the computer, but also because of the advantages it offers in this field as well.

The tool contains a large number of useful tools that help organize written content for publication or as text for a video clip. Also, through MS Word, you can save the content in a large number of formats such as PDF and modify it later.

in my opinion; The most important features of this tool in the field of content writing are the properties it provides for linguistic and grammatical correction. The best content marketing tools are the ones that help create high-quality, error-free content, and MS Word provides that.

MS Word provides Proofreading Tools for all languages in which it supports writing, including the Arabic language, of course. You can also adjust its settings to correct words and errors automatically without your intervention while writing.

MS Word gets many updates, including updates aimed at improving performance and others adding new tools. Newer versions of MS Word contain excellent features such as online accessibility, cloud storage, and more.

Google Docs

I usually don’t like to nominate two programs that serve nearly the same purpose; However, Google Docs is superior to MS Word in some respects, the biggest advantage being the ease of sharing content with other users to review, edit or even co-write.

It is true that the sharing feature is present in the MS Word tool, but its use is not as easy as its counterpart in Google Docs. Sharing in the latter is easy and allows multiple users to write and edit the same file at the same time.

Also, since many people rely on Google services, this makes it easier to share and access Google Docs files. MS Word only allows 5 people to share files unlike Google Docs which allows an infinite number of people.

And everyone’s favorite Google Docs feature might be the instant autosave. MS Word users have suffered for years due to the lack of this feature in it. Imagine writing for hours and then forgetting to save what you wrote manually for one reason or another, so that all your effort is wasted.

Even after adding the automatic save feature in MS Word, it cannot be compared to the one in Google Docs in terms of efficiency and ease. In the end, the feature automatically records any modification that you recorded immediately, and enables you to view it in the history of the document.

You can also export a file from Google Docs to MS Word, and work and modify it easily without changing the format. As for exporting files from MS Word to Google Docs and trying to modify them with the latter, it does not go smoothly.


Grammarly is not a tool for writing mainly, but it is the best in the field of linguistic correction of foreign languages. The tool has a paid version and a free one, and frankly the free version is sufficient and is considered one of the best content marketing tools.

The Grammarly tool not only corrects language writing errors, but through it you can correct grammatical errors and punctuation errors as well. The amazing feature is the word filters that the tool provides you with to improve the appearance of the content that you write.

You can install the add-on for the tool to work on any content that you write through the browser. You can also install the tool on the computer you are using or the mobile phone, or you can copy and paste the content into your account on the tool through the browser.

Google Trends

Through the Google Trends tool, you can identify the popular topics in your country, whether now or during different periods of time. You can also know the search volume on keywords and create alerts for topics of interest to you.

The Google Trends tool is excellent and free, so we have dedicated an entire article about the Google Trends tool explaining its benefits and how to use it. We recommend that you review it.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the perfect tool for measuring the impact of other content marketing tools on your content marketing success. The tool gives you a set of tools that provide detailed real-time reports of everything that is happening within your site.

The Google Analytics tool records users’ visits to sites in general. We can say that the tool knows every little thing about the time that visitors spent on your site, in addition to displaying all the details of these visitors such as their country and the duration of their visit.

There are many tools that help you…..

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