How do you market yourself as a designer?

What are the foundations of marketing?

Design and creativity in this field is important, but marketing is very important

To market yourself as a designer and succeed in your work is not difficult, but it requires you to have skill and experience

Imagine with me, dear reader, that you are a chef working in your own restaurant, that you serve a dish that looks great on its own

It is not enough to attract customers, but the taste of the dish must also be delicious! This shows us the harmonic relationship

Between form and content to attract the customer, the focus is not only on the form factor, nor even on the content only

A unique sentence that I read in a book by author Stephen Hawking also caught my attention. Perhaps you will feel this sentence

At first, it was contradictory to the content of his book, but he believed it. On the other hand, he said in his book

With purely scientific content (every equation I put in the book will reduce the number of sales by half).

Although he knew that whoever would acquire the book had scientific inclinations, he refused to delve into a single topic and got up

By diversifying between topics to include explanations, interpretations, and equations, and this explains to us that diversification is an obligation and focus

If it remains fixed on only one factor, the chances of success in it will decrease, and from here we can start, dear reader, to understand the correct foundations for how to market yourself as a designer and excel in your field of work?

How will I start marketing in the field of design?

At the outset, it is worth saying that the start is not easy, and any novice designer wants to head towards the job market

He has the feeling that he is a fish in the middle of a sea full of sharks, as there are those who have experience of more than 5 or 10 years.

He feels that they are sharks with sharp fangs that devour all opportunities in front of him, and that he is unable to advance due to their movements

And their experiences! So he says to himself (How can I prove myself and market myself while I am still a beginner designer?)

The idea of being a junior designer makes you feel like you are living in a bubble and still feel afraid of moving forward.

Afraid of your inability to prove yourself in the labor market, and if you see someone better than you in this field

Automatically that bubble will explode and that is why you are here. In this article, you will be able to transform this bubble

To an iron ball capable of crushing obstacles and moving forward with the required strength and speed. So come on dear designer

Let’s learn together about how to build a solid plan to launch in the field of marketing for your business

First: Be convinced of your work as a designer

Dear designer, you must first of all be completely convinced of the work you are doing in order to continue it

And you have to love what you do first. Do not convince yourself that with time you will get used to the idea of ​​design and therefore you will love your work

As the philosopher Alexandre Riboud said (Habit does not generate an inclination, but rather it deliberately concentrates the natural inclination of man)

Continuity is half of creativity

Your creative ability is determined by your natural inclination towards the work you do. If you tend to design, it is natural

You get creative with it through practice, but if you don’t have a natural inclination towards design, you won’t be able to get creative with it

For example, if you get used to throwing garbage every day outside the house, you will not feel inclined towards throwing garbage.

Repeating the process of throwing garbage will not generate a feeling of inclination or desire towards it, because it is not among your natural inclinations.

When a child wakes up daily to go to school, repeating the process of waking up to school and going to school will not make him love school

The same applies to other things, so when you choose to be a designer, this means that you are aware of your tendency towards this field and therefore

You are currently capable of creativity, so there is no need to be afraid, dear designer. You only need a few designs and a work plan

Second: Let your works and designs speak for you

If you convince a customer over the course of 5 days that you made a great tasting drink and the customer is convinced of that and is excited to try it

And after 5 days, I made him taste it, and suppose it tasted bad, these few seconds during which he sipped this

The drink erased the 5-day attempt with persuasion, and what remained entrenched in his brain was the bad taste of that drink.

Hence, we conclude that the client relies on what he sees more than what he hears in the final decision, and therefore

The time factor of persuasion may not work sometimes

From here let me tell you to let your work speak for you first rather than trying to speak for yourself

You can use the Internet to talk about your work in the field of design, as the digital presence is very important

Importance We are currently living in a digital virtual world and the importance of this world is increasing at an accelerating pace day after day

Today, there are many sites that will help you market yourself

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