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Sites to learn programming

Sites to learn programming

Sites to learn programming platform
What is undoubtedly the best site to learn programming for beginners, Codecademy also has well-thought-out teaching methods, interactive lessons rich in knowledge and application, where you have your own teacher, with a separate panel that guides you and displays your errors. website
If she is looking for a site to learn programming without getting bored, then this site will be the right choice because it combines learning and entertainment, as it provides fun games to play after each lesson during the program, but the defect in it is that it currently offers only three specific programming languages (Web interface programming languages) HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript only. platform
It is the best site to learn programming for the purpose of a project or a specific purpose, where novice programmers organize in order to achieve certain goals such as creating a responsive website.

It is also useful for experienced programmers who have not dealt with real projects before.

The best websites to learn programming ( website)
It is one of the best platforms that provide content in the form of interactive lectures and tests. It is characterized by the competence of its trainers, so that some of those who train in Udacity are employees of Google.

Some critics say that the curricula on the site are not specialized and organized, but rather that they are dispersed.

The Coursera platform is not only for learning programming, but is also a shining star in the field of distance education, as it offers many free courses in various educational aspects, as it contains a huge amount of training courses in the field of computer science, including programming.

What distinguishes Coursera from other platforms is that the contents of its courses are provided by high-level universities such as the University of London, Columbia University, Stanford University, and others.

It also contains free and paid courses, and most importantly, it gives you a certificate when you complete the training courses. platform
It is one of the best sites for learning and deepening in programming and computer science, as well as learning programming languages such as Java and Hibernate.

The platform also contains many courses that help you get started in your career. platform
There is no doubt that you have heard about Udemy before, it is truly one of the best and most famous sites for learning various skills through training courses, and it also contains hundreds of computer-related courses, so it is a very suitable platform to start learning programming from scratch.

It contains courses on most of the programming languages that you are looking for, such as Java, C, even Dart, and others.

But the disadvantage is that most of the courses in it are paid and not free, however, you can find suitable courses at a cheap cost such as $ 9.99, so do not despair. website
Created by a guy named Quincy Larson, FreeCodeCamp is one of the best websites to learn coding for free.

With this site you can learn languages such as JavaScript, algorithms, data structures, as well as front-end development.

FreeCodeCamp will also help you get your first job as a developer. website
Another totally free site for learning to code, its platform features a simple interface in which you can absorb the programming information.

This site also focuses on popular web languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, XML, JSP, JQuery, and Asp.

It is also distinguished by being organized and smooth in the lessons and has a comprehensive reference for the web.

Best websites to learn programming ( platform)
It is the right place for beginners who will be looking for free coding courses.

What sets this website apart is the rich library of free courses, videos, tutorials, e-books, and many more.

The content is also easy to understand and you can watch the courses whenever you want and for any daily hours you want. website
Having fun and learning is the best way to learn almost anything, and Codewars takes it that way.

In addition to the spirit of competition that the site broadcasts through challenges and arrangements, which encourages students to learn quickly.

Plus, you can learn to code in just 6 months (if you’re serious), ask questions to their large community, and share knowledge with experts. website
This site is characterized by the fact that those who enter the field of learning are subject to assessments and rewards for those who excel over others, so in a good way to learn and motivate.

Among the most popular courses offered by the site with proficiency are HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and other languages. Simply put, it is a nice site to start your long journey as a programmer.

The best websites to learn programming ( website)
EdX is one of the best sites to learn programming for free, it was established in 2012 by the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

It is also supported by more than 90 prestigious schools and universities.

Also, this site includes more than 5 million students, which means that you will meet many professional developers who are like you. platform
As the name suggests, this site plans for you to learn programming languages like Python, Ruby, and JavaScript in just one month!

But of course, this will not make you very professional in these languages within a period of 30 days, so you must devote 10,000 hours to learning programming.

This site gives you the very important basics in all programming languages, which will be the starting point for you to learn other languages.

Scratch 2.0 website
It is another site that does not require an internet connection, intended for children to learn the basics of programming at a young age. Scratch 2.0 has achieved successes in teaching children of 8 years of age or even younger, but with the additional guidance of parents.

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