The pivotal role of small and medium enterprises

The pivotal role of small and medium enterprises

Social responsibility is a concept that revolves around voluntary and ethical initiatives or practices undertaken by establishments to activate their role in achieving sustainable development, whether with their employees and families, stakeholders from partners, shareholders, the local community, and the various segments and groups of society as a whole, with the aim of improving people’s lives and serving and preserving the environment.

Social responsibility includes the agreed values and principles that align the behavior of establishments with good citizenship..Social responsibility is a continuous commitment by establishments to contribute to achieving development for society and improving the living conditions of the internal public and the local community as well.

Therefore, social responsibility helps a lot in business growth due to the support of community members for the goals and mission of this or that organization and its recognition of its existence in exchange for its community contribution, and this is what will contribute to creating a bright business model by contributing to society through community development projects and initiatives.

Despite this, the concept of social responsibility still suffers from deficiencies in its concept among the leaders and employees of the private sector on the one hand, in addition to the lack of understanding the true meaning of the responsibilities of the private sector towards society in aspects of social development and contribution with the third sector (civil society organizations, charitable and voluntary work). ) and support volunteer programs and community-based initiatives on the other hand.

Social responsibility is not limited to large private sector institutions, but small and medium enterprises can play a pivotal role in social responsibility, especially if we know that nearly 90 percent of institutions around the world consist of small and medium-sized enterprises, representing 50 to 60 percent. job opportunities and play an important role in the development of society.

On the other hand, field studies in developing countries point to deficiencies in the social role of private sector institutions and companies, where the size of the revenues they achieve and the interest and governmental and societal support they receive are not commensurate with what they provide to serve their societies in the absence of a noticeable absence of adopting a culture of social responsibility that is originally considered An investment that returns to the enterprise and enhances its competitive capabilities, as well as playing a national role and duty dictated by human, social and religious motives.

International statistics show that half of the major companies in the world issue independent reports on social responsibility as a standard procedure, given that community initiatives are primarily ethical investment related to the long-term performance of these institutions and companies. the recipient.

Today, many of the leaders of the private sector, its employees, and customers have become more aware and assimilated of the culture of the benevolent community institution that adopts and presents national initiatives of value to the community. Work and the Ministry of Culture and Information to spread the institutional culture of the role of the private sector towards society and to adopt development strategies that contribute to the competitiveness of national enterprises and support them through products and services provided by the private sector.

During the recent period, calls have been made for the need for enterprises to adopt their social and moral responsibilities so that their role is not focused on making a profit only and their pursuit of that through practices that are morally or legally unacceptable. Wealth is not everything for society, and this confirms the importance of entrepreneurs adopting the idea of social responsibility, which will contribute to their adoption. their social duties through their keenness to develop the community and build their giant facilities

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