Investing in agricultural lands

Investing in agricultural lands

Farmland currently represents a $10 trillion market worldwide with high returns and low volatility. The increasing population every year causes the demand for quality food to increase, while the limited and decreasing commodity supply means that agricultural land has become an urgent need over time. Now investors are starting to notice a safe investment opportunity with increasing demand.

Therefore, the role of our company, with its many years of experience, is to take advantage of this hitherto unsaturated investment sector by making investors’ investments safely and with high returns, and meeting the growing market need for food commodities.

Investing in fruit tree farms

The project is to invest in fruit tree farms, which are considered among the safest and most profitable agricultural projects, as they generate reliable income for investors and make the world a better place with the thousands of trees we plant every year.

Investment in mushroom cultivation and production
The project is to invest in mushroom cultivation and production, as such projects are considered among the modern projects that provide high yields and returns due to the mushroom need of the market, as they cover only 40% of the global market.

Investing in walnut, almond and apple farms

The world is changing rapidly. The population is growing exponentially and we need food more than ever. Both almonds and walnuts are highly valuable dried fruit products. When you buy farmland for walnuts or almonds from our company, you will have a real agricultural asset with a very high value that will provide a stable and high income for a minimum of 45 to 60 years.

Almond is the most demanded food item among dried fruits in the world; The worldwide almond market is expected to grow by 4.9% in the next 5 years to reach USD 8.18 billion in 2024 and the total investment in almonds is expected to reach 100. USD 6.14 billion

Turkey is the third largest hazelnut producer after China and the USA, which provides 8% of the world’s hazelnut exports. Nuts known as miracle walnuts Turks are also known for their fondness for various nuts, especially walnuts, and 3 kg is consumed per person per year

Investing in intensive apple farms

Apple trees are grown intensively to make a profit and create a good source of income, so when planting a small amount of apple trees (50-100 trees), it is not possible to make a profit, because their cost is fixed and does not earn. Profit is therefore important to start the project and make a profit, by growing a small orchard of about one hectare, equivalent to ten thousand square meters and containing (3000 apple trees or more), a dense average tree, from the third year of its cultivation to the sixth year of its cultivation. Apple farming is very profitable because it can produce large amounts of apple fruit and continue to bear fruit until (35-50) years of age3.

investment mechanism

The investment journey begins with the research of lands suitable for almond cultivation, the soil analysis of our experts and agricultural engineers, the height of the land above sea level, the climate suitable for almond cultivation and the availability of groundwater in the region. black.

The company purchases the appropriate land and prepares its plan.

The investor chooses the land among the existing lands and buys the almond farm with 100% full ownership and title deed inherited from the state.

The investor will receive a 45-year land management guarantee (life of the almond tree).

All our almond farms meet the following standards and infrastructure:

Planting 100 almond trees per decare, i.e. 1000 trees per hectare

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