Is the online store profitable? How do I make a site?

The adoption of online shopping across all age gr

Is the online store profitable?

The adoption of online shopping across all age groups has been accelerated by the pandemic, resulting in online sales increasing 44% in 2020 compared to 15% growth in 2019. But the earnings reports revealed an inconvenient truth: e-commerce is popular but not profitable.

E-commerce has a great popularity and popularity using online stores and there will be some hidden facts
Such as confirming the existence of profits compared to selling online, the percentage of sales can be large, but the profit is very small, and this is due to the expensive tools and programs used and the speed of their daily development.
Likewise, the existence of intense competition using spying tools that impede secrecy on the strategy it follows in marketing.

What is the most profitable e-commerce?

Plant and garden products.
Electronics and the Internet of Things.
Mental health and wellness products.
wedding products and services.
Pet food and products.
Women’s health products.
Educational materials and courses.
Baby and children’s products

What type of e-commerce business should I start?

The subscription model is to provide services or sales with a continuous monthly subscription.
Meal delivery has become a fast growing service with the increasing speed of the daily lifestyle of business people.
Online education After the pandemic, learning, mastering letters, and obtaining courses has become faster, better, and less expensive.
Affiliate marketing Some companies and stores offer the opportunity to market their products in exchange for a profit percentage.

What do people buy the most online?

According to Statista, books, movies and games are the most preferred product category for online purchase.
This is another reason why we’re seeing brands like Spotify, Netflix, and Disney + increasingly popular with consumers.
What is the future of e-commerce?

Global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $5 trillion in 2022 and $6 trillion by 2024.
Merchants continue to track consumer demand online, flocking to e-commerce in record numbers.
Online stores appear daily, with an estimated 12-24 million e-commerce sites worldwide.
There are some studies that contradict the data that was presented, and they state that the year 2023 will witness the arrival of internet cables to the maximum degree of use, which is the harshest consumption capacity.
There are some companies and countries studying plans to spread the Internet via satellite as an alternative and permanent solution.

There is more than one platform through which you can create an online store. You can choose from them the platform that provides a free trial so that you can know the features and services that are practically available before subscribing, and also to see if it is suitable for your needs.

Among the available global platforms are Shopify and ExpandCart.

I advise you to use the ExpandCart platform, as it supports a platform that supports many currencies, this is not the basic features and services suitable for merchants from different fields.

As for the cost, they have a free package in addition to paid packages, suitable for merchants in all stages of their trade.

The first step in your project is to study the market, especially your competitors in the same field, to know how they work and how to better show the advantages available to you, and also work to add features that are not available in the market to distinguish them.

What is the best platform for creating your online store?
There are many platforms to create your online store, but the most important thing is the features of this platform, such as:
1. Powerful and flexible control panel

2. Professional designs and molds

3. Applications and services to manage your store

4. Design a mobile app for your store

5. E-marketing through social media platforms

6. International shipping companies

7. Secure payment gateways

8. Technical support service

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