What is the nature of the business administration major? Does he have a future?

At the outset, let me mention that the science of manage

At the outset, let me mention that the science of management falls under the umbrella of the humanities, and feeds mainly on the sciences of sociology and psychology, which fall under the same umbrella in addition to other sciences that we will mention later, and in order to understand the nature of the science of management, we must first understand the nature of the humanities.

Nature of Humanities:

From its name, it is the sciences that study man from the intellectual side and his interaction with his social environment. Therefore, one of the most important subjects under study in the science of management is “the human being.” Therefore, there is a very vital specialization in the science of management, which is “human resource management.” This brings us to the next question.

What are the disciplines of management science?

The science of management has four sons:

Finance management
production management
Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
Each of these branches is concerned with a part of a person’s social environment. The social environment in administrative disciplines is the organization – for profit or non-profit – and the person here is everyone who works in this environment, starting from the highest position in the organization to the lowest position in it.

Is management science important?

I will give you a symbolic example by which you can determine the importance of management science.

Any human activity needs the basic administrative functions: organizing, directing, planning and controlling; To achieve the goal behind it, for example if you intend to get married, the first step you will take is to set a time plan for this goal and its broad lines and the duration of each stage in it, the duration of the engagement period, the date of writing the book and the date of joy, and here you follow the principles of “project management”, as for collecting financial resources You need to finance your project, purchase housing, home supplies, bride price, etc. Here you use the principles of financing management. When the bride actually advances, you will use the principles of marketing, and during all these stages you are trying to raise your productivity to achieve this goal quickly, so you are here following the production management.

This was a simple example of planning a project for an organization (a family) and its manager (you). The same is the case with business organizations. Therefore, management science is not only a discipline of study, but rather a way of life, and the methodology of most of us who practices its basics on an almost daily basis. Here we must mention other administrative branches that have recently emerged and are very vital.

New disciplines in management science

Management science is dynamic and adapts to the needs of the business environment, for example but not limited to:

(Management Science) intermarried with (Information Technology) and they gave birth to Information Technology Management (MIS), which is an important administrative branch in our time.

The son of management (marketing) married (digital technology) and they gave birth to us (digital marketing).

Digital Marketing (the grandson of the administration) got married with all the daughters of social media and gave birth to many children, such as: marketing on Facebook, marketing on Twitter, marketing on Instagram, and so on.

Here I leave you the space to answer your question “Is business administration an important specialty or not?”.

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