How can I start making money online?

What are the things to learn for someone who has no experience?

All of these answers that you will find have in common two main points, which I will list in succession:

A: Google Adsense.

B: affiliate marketing.

But the correct question here is: If you have completed the necessary steps to start a project, how will you convince your visitors or audience to click on the advertisement or go to the affiliate marketing website link???

Because without that, you will not get a financial return to cover your costs, if we assume that the number of daily visits exceeds 5,000 thousand. ((And if the number of visits increases, you may get some returns, the source of which is watching the advertisement and not clicking or clicking on the advertisement, – all in all – very small returns compared to the effort and cost.))


The mentality and mindset of the reader and the contents it offers him of all kinds:

A large percentage of Arab readers prefer light, easy content that does not require effort, for example:

The first model: a YouTube clip of a beautiful girl or a handsome young man, in which he talks about various matters (mostly of no value). Its advertising revenue will be exponentially higher compared to an Arabic scientific article that talks about quantum theory, and you will find most of the mouse cursors (mouse) racing to press or click to watch this Content .

The second model: – The Kaif family – this lazy family that depends on others to get its answers or solutions to problems that they assume that others are able to solve as if they were in their place. These questions:

What is the easiest way to lose weight
What are the benefits of air for humans?
What is the sound of fish?
Do you really want to answer these questions? If the answer is yes, I will inform you that competition is strong on such topics, and in order to make profits, you have to compete with many of these sites.


I will provide my audience with accurate, documented and scientific content. This content may be about birds, engineering, even philosophy or geography, or all of the above together. This model has few visitors and audiences, but they are the most sustainable in the long term, and I am talking about ten years at the very least, with a subsequent future plan.

For example: a WordPress blog specializing in computer science, its history, origin, and chapter, which contains within it every small and large, that will have long-term continuity, and therefore long-term returns as well. – Note: You do not need to spend money to create a blog on the Internet – and my advice to you is to try on free blogs first, and if the number of visits increases, there is no harm in moving to the stage of starting to pay and invest.


What you are good at doing, or you are aware of all its details, distinguish it, master it, and then make it your investment, and do not run after sites like tens and nines – that exploit your presence to climb on your shoulders and the shoulders of others and achieve their fame.

Having your own blog, or your own website, will replace the aforementioned websites and platforms, and your customers will come to you through your own window, and not through the windows of others, because simply your competition through those platforms will be difficult, and you will find thousands of people who do what you are good at, and therefore you will not even be distinguished And if I were.

Profit from the Internet is not a snack that you request whenever you want, and the existence of exceptions does not mean that it applies to everyone, just as insisting on publishing content and emphasizing its quality and continuity is one of the most important factors for obtaining profits that may be rewarding at times, and at other times it may make you free from your job or work .

Freelance platforms, whether Arabic such as Fiverr, Kafeel, and Freelancer, or foreign ones such as Fiverr, AppWork, and Freelancer. There are also other fields such as e-commerce, commission sales, trading, etc., but I do not recommend them at this particular stage.

Why ? Because working in these areas requires skill, experience, and mastery of some techniques that you can acquire over time and according to your own experiences and those of others. And because you, as a beginner, do not have these qualifications, this will negatively and directly affect your psychological state as well as lead to frustration and psychological dissatisfaction, especially by not getting a client or not earning any amount during a long period of time.

And as a beginner, you remind me now when I wanted to enter this field and with my repeated attempts to find a way to earn through the Internet and my many movements from one field to another without profit, not a single cent.

And after you succeeded in achieving my first dollar and gained motivation and confidence, I then returned to other fields in which work is a real opportunity to change your way of thinking, and to start working without justification or fear. And in which the profit is double.

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