Headphones.. Loud volume can seriously hurt your hearing

Headphones.. Loud volume can seriously hurt your hearing

High volume levels in headphones can cause irreversible hearing damage and such effects can be avoided by setting a specific volume limit directly on the smartphone.

iPhone phones

iPhone phones provide the ability to check if the volume in the earpiece i日本藤素
s too loud which can cause hearing damage, and if the user activates this function under the item “Sounds and touch / earphone security” in the settings menu, then you will get a warning message that will do and the earphone will be sent to the smartphone next The volume is automatically turned down when you connect.

From the “Settings, Screen Time and Restrictions” menu, the user can set the maximum sound level in decibels and secure the settings against child tampering. The upper limit that should not be exceeded continuously is 85 decibels.

android phones

Owners of smartphones equipped with the Google Android system, on the other hand, will be asked to increase the volume above the safe limit if the user wants to increase the volume. Since raising the volume can damage hearing, here the user has to answer this question and confirm the increase in volume by clicking the “OK” button.

Additionally, companies may have integrated functionality into the Android system; Samsung provides the ability to adjust the volume when playing media according to personal needs on famous Galaxy phones with headphones attached, and this function can be found in the “Settings” menu, then Tones and vibrations, Then intensity. sound.

And if the user clicks on the menu icon, then “Select media sound”, they can set the maximum volume, and this function is available when children are given a smartphone to listen. Music and volume can be secured against Changes by assigning a special number.

For a user who relies on acoustically closed headphones or Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headphones, low volume is used, especially in ambient noise.

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